Linear Vibratory Feeders

Jerhen Industries specializes in vibratory feeders that are used in the manufacturing process when parts need to be sorted, oriented and transferred along a production line.
Jerhen's linear feeders have multiple motor options and are idea for products between processes where there is a need for more control. Our linear vibratory feeders can have an open tray or be completely enclosed. Our linear vibratory feeders with two vibrating motors are wired to a contra-rotate that provides an effective gentle yet powerful movement to feed materials at a constant rate. Our linear vibratory feeders has out of balance weights fitted to the motors to allow for a coarse feed-rate control. Our linear vibratory feeders also includes fine adjustments via the turn of a knob for adjusting the variable frequency controller. We can even add a brake facility to stop the machine if needed. Various sized meshes can be supplied for your individual needs. Our linear vibratory feeders are commonly effective at handling larger volumes of the irregular shaped products. Where as our circular vibratory feeders offer better support for regular shaped granules and items.
Jerhen Industries also provides Electromagnetic vibratory feeders that can be integrated into a system or connected to a hand-controlled potentionmeter depending on your specific needs. There are no limits to the number of times that the units can be started or stopped. Our Electromagnetic vibratory feeders can be used in many applications such as controlling feeding of a product to even weighing of products. Our Electromagnetic vibratory feeders or (E mag feeders) can be supplied with product storage integral hoppers in a standard size or customized to your specific needs. Our e mag feeders can come with open or closed, stainless steel or carbon corrosion or abrasion resistant linings even with a water jacket to prevent hot materials from damaging the machine.
Our Linear Screens can come fitted with a single or multiple deck scalper unit for the separation action of high volume granular products. Our linear screens also have the ability to convey products between multiple processes while they are screening. Jerhen's Linear Screens offer high throughput for separating sizes and are designed for low discharge positions and the linear motion of the screens prevent the screen blinding and work great for screening irregular shapes. Our linear screens can be fitted with removable multiple screen decks that are easy to remove which make them perfect for dust removal.